Massive Hassle is a two-piece rock band from Nottingham, UK, featuring brothers Marty Fisher and Bill Fisher (both previously seen in the bands Mammothwing, Church of the Cosmic Skull, Dystopian Future Movies and many more). The project started in late 2022 with a number of directives in mind:

  • Everything is to be recorded live and filmed in singular takes
  • All songs and lyrics are written collaboratively in the studio
  • Both brothers will sing in harmony or unison throughout
  • Every track will be released as a live video building up to the album launch
  • Don’t let it become a Massive Hassle

To date, the results of this experiment are a number of astoundingly smooth, thick, wide and deeply moving tracks which straddle a variety of influences including garage-rock, jazz, blues, punk, country, doom-metal, and no other two-piece bands that have come before…

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